Wine and Steak…with Kids

My somm goal seems insurmountable when my mom life has me constantly on my toes. For example: I made a beautiful ribeye and homemade cheesy zucchini tots for the family last evening. I poured myself some wine to pair with the steak, fully intending to take detailed notes. I have now learned that I have a better chance of dining with Godzilla on roller skates than researching wine while my little monsters are present. I’d like to walk you through our Monday evening feast.

I carried both the kids’ plates and drinks from the kitchen to the dining room in one trip so nobody would become irrationally angry that one received their dinner before the other, I’m happy I spent 20 years in the service industry or that may have been disastrous. I then fetched my own plate and sat, ready to enjoy my beautifully cooked steak (thanks to my cast iron skillet and some years of grilling experience) and the wine I received as a Christmas gift.

Minute 2 of dinner: I discover an open, bleeding wound on the baby’s eyelid. I don’t know what happened because whatever had happened he didn’t cry. I had to get up, run upstairs and fetch the Neosporin.

Minute 5 of dinner: my 5 year-old exclaims that a booger fell out of her nose. It was hard and gooey, and it was huge. It was booger-found-on-public-restroom-door huge. I’m not really sure how it ever fit inside her nostril. Then it was hell or high water to find a tissue because they somehow always disappear. So I ran around the house frantically to find anything that could wipe a giant green nose goblin from my daughter’s finger.

Halfway through dinner my son began to look like a tiny drunk because he managed to get one sock off, one button on his shirt unbuttoned and he spilled his drink down the front of his vest. He was chewing his little bits of ribeye while I was watching then feeding the rest to our dogs. Good thing he’s cute.

I finally bit into my now-cold steak while my daughter dipped her perfectly cooked ribeye in ranch.

At the very least, my wine, a Zinfandel blend from Colorado- my lovely gift from my lovely husband- didn’t disappoint. I thought it would taste jammy and youthful, yet it was more earthy and refined. So…surprisingly amazing.

Generally, after the kids all tucked into bed, I can relax and drink my wine. Drink it, research it, rate it, explore it. That’s when I can stay awake long enough for adult time.

It may be a little while before I can rate a wine paired with a home-cooked meal again, but at least the company is entertaining.

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