The Tiny Person Who Gets into Everything – a Tribute to the Sippy Cup

Last night after I pulled the baby out of his bath, I was getting him diapered up, and he dumped baby powder all over his face and into his mouth and nose. I had the powder sitting below his feet, a full 10 inches from his reach. Right on the label it says, “keep out of reach of children,” so given that I’m not a complete dumbass, I’m aware of my responsibility. It’s like the label on the iron warning users not to hot iron their clothes while wearing them. It’s pretty obvious.

I love that my baby inherited my husband’s looks but not particularly grateful that he inherited his freakishly long monkey arms. The poor kid looked like Scarface snorting a mountain of cocaine.

I can’t keep anything from this kid and Lord knows I try. He pulls everything off of shelves and out of drawers. He gets to his sister’s toys which instigates a sibling battle royale. My little wiggle monster could pull off my hat while standing at my feet with his go-go Gadget baby arms.

All of this means that I can’t drink out of a glass while he is awake. Coffee goes into a sealed, insulated cup with a closure. Water goes into a bottle with a lid. Literally as we speak he is trying to drink from my coffee cup which he inexplicably removed from the side table.

Because that’s what this kids needs: coffee.

For the wine-loving moms who need a sip or two before the kids go to bed, there are options for you. I have been the lucky recipient of a couple of sealed wine tumblers. Yeti makes one that comes in multiple colors and has a sealed lid just like your coffee cup. I haven’t used the Yeti tumbler yet, but I’ve seen it in multiple friends’ cupboards and the reviews on Amazon are positive. I’ve even seen them on the shelf at Target and a targeted ad from

Tasteful pink and purple wine tumblers at Target.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t plan on using the wine sippy cup in order to get sloshed while caring for my children. I originally received my first one as a gift from the hubby so that I could enjoy wine on our boat without spilling it all over myself. Since that time I wound up taking it to an outdoor concert and to the park so I could watch the sunset with a little moscato. Mine are the less expensive plastic ones with the fake stem inside. I didn’t opt for the more expensive model. That’s just who I am. Plus I am a stickler for drinking wine properly, so they’re scarcely ever used.

Since I can’t keep anything in arms reach of my toddling tyrant and his Stretch Armstrong arms, safety and seals are a must. And keeping all potentially dangerous things picked up at all times is a full-time job. Today he was sticking loose ends of the dog’s rope up his nose and trying to eat a refrigerator magnet. My portable goblets leak, so I don’t use them around my kids. I don’t want him accidentally consuming alcohol.

I’ve linked a few different reviews from all around the web for travel wine cups. I don’t recommend my personal ones- again because they leak- and the plastic wears and cracks after washing. So if you decide to go on a camping trip, a nice vacation, or to an outdoor concert; or if you’re just trying to enjoy wine on a lazy Sunday and have it away from your kids, hopefully these reviews and my little rant about safety will help.

Some tumblers are only available on Amazon. Yeti is available direct from the retailer. Try to avoid “deals” on tumblers on discount sites. Good luck, wine lovers!

One thought on “The Tiny Person Who Gets into Everything – a Tribute to the Sippy Cup

  1. Again, knocking it out of the park. What I love about this one are all the different ways you manage to describe long arms – monkey arms, Go-Go Gadget arms, Stretch Armstrong arms. I know you have a sharp wit, but you also have a very natural way of speaking to the reader. That’s not something that can be taught. You have it, or you don’t. And you, my dear, have it in spades. Keep ’em coming.


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